€ 649,00

Constant pull drop weight linear tensioner.

• Unidirectional clutch for convenient single hand operation.
• 6-point quick mounting system with 4 independent heavy duty CrMo alloy articulated adjustable mounting arms suitable for any
2 drop weights keep constant tension pulling.
• 2 diamond-coated spring assisted aluminum alloy thumb-adjustable swivel tennis clamps.
• Easy operate cone lock swivel clamping system with durable carbon-steel handle.
• Heavy duty steel turn table with 360 degree racquets rotation, suitable for all racquet types
different size of racket frame.
• 4 K-shape mirror finished shoulder support for best racquet protection.
• Load spreaders at tip and throat mounting design for user ultra convenient, fast and secure mounting racquets and stringing.
• Tension range: 9-102 lbs (or 4-46 kgs). Both pounds or kilograms tension scale reading available.
for smooth action and positive string anchoring.
• Extra tool tray and table stand with length scale.
• Factory Calibrated and tested. 5-year warranty.
• Matching Floor Stand with adjustable height, tool tray and string reel holder available.
• Users Manuel included